Ahem, where do I begin with this one? You all have breakfast, get ready and drive to the shopping mall as a family of three. Just a normal morning with a shopping trip thrown in. Barely a word is spoken between daddy and mummy. Just an innate, automatic ability to get to the mall with minimal arguments and fuss. What could possibly go wrong here?

Mummy’s car is parked. Boot is opened. Buggy is not there.

A momentary tense silence takes place, quickly replaced by a look of complete and utter shock, alarm and horror. Anger immediately surfaces on mummy’s face. Daddy is only panicking at this point. But little did they both realise it is the beginning of the end for the trip.

It is daddy’s fault according to mummy, it is mummy’s fault according to daddy. Daddy should have packed it according to mummy but mummy should’ve packed it according to daddy. Mummy thought it was in daddy’s car and was therefore his responsibility, but daddy thought it was in mummy’s car and therefore was not needed to be moved.

And then suddenly, mummy develops this rather strange but professional diversionary ability to shift the blame onto someone and some events which were totally unrelated to this event. According to mummy it was Aunty Mavis’ fault because she didn’t de-frost the chicken properly back in 1997. What? Is she for real? Is she admitting it was actually mummy’s fault by doing this?

There was no mention of the buggy by either party prior to leaving the house. The buggy was laughing its f****** cocky head off back inside the cupboard at home. But the adventure was about to begin…..

Please see next post for details of how the buggy-less shopping trip went….