It’s 2.39am, daddy and mummy are in a relatively light sleep; the house is completely silent; baby is asleep inside her cot in her own bedroom down the corridor. The baby monitor is plugged in and is used for the very first time. It is ready and waiting. Ready to be called into action if required.

Nothing can quite prepare the two parents for what happens next. Out of nowhere the baby monitor unexpectedly comes to life and makes a sudden, loud bang immediately followed by a rustling sound — resembling a similar noise to a boat in distress calling out for a mayday.

Daddy jumps out of his skin and is in shock as to what he had just heard. The bedroom is in complete darkness so he is unsure whether he is, A) still asleep, B) gone blind, C) hearing a poltergeist in action, or, D) Whether baby has been kidnapped.

Of course, none of the options were true. In fact, baby had simply turned over and had made a weird noise in her sleep.

This does not ease any of the worry from daddy, though, as he is somewhat convinced he has heard a ghost attempting to communicate with him. Similar to when baby’s toys come to life when daddy has a nap

Daddy lies in bed awake and is rather startled. He thinks he is in a scene from Paranormal activity and refuses to walk out in to the dark, creepy corridor toward baby’s room to check on her.

Another noise begins to filter through the baby monitor – heightening daddy’s already alarmed senses. Another strange paranormal-esque noise. A few seconds later the rather unusually comforting noise of a baby crying is heard. This calms daddy, to which he goes to investigate by getting out of bed to walk down the corridor to comfort baby.

Only….baby is still asleep……

Daddy runs back to his bed and hides under his duvet…..