OK, well not quite but for anyone who has had direct contact with baby-grows will agree that these outfits do resemble something which should be worn by astronauts to the outer depths of the solar system and beyond. The sheer complexity of some of the baby-grow designs out there are comparable to ones used on previous Apollo missions.

The engineering behind them are reminiscent of a spacesuit. The flabbergasting and needless amount of poppers on some designs is simply astounding. It beggars the question as to why NASA have not patented these baby-grow designs for modern-day astronauts.

Anyway, let me take you through a couple of the baby-grow designs I have had to endure to dress baby in. Don’t get me wrong, baby looks adorable when inside one of these baby-grow spacesuits – it’s just the getting them in in the first place is the problem. They are far more suited to a mission to Mars than a mission to the cot.

Type 1: The, “put-it-over-baby’s-head” type: Yes, the ones where you have to put the whole suit over their head first. Thus causing baby to have a level 2 meltdown. The meltdown means you have to hurry up proceedings otherwise a level 3 will ensue. Arm holes need to be located ASAP. You literally have seconds to search for them. You find the first one, and place the arm into the hole — only it isn’t an arm hole — it’s a leg hole. Arm is dragged out and placed into correct hole. All the while baby is screaming the street down. Other arm is placed into other arm hole, only this time her thumb gets caught. Further screaming. Her legs are placed into the leg holes relatively stress-free, but out of nowhere baby turns on her side and begins to crawl away; legs escape from leg holes; one arm escapes from arm hole — it now looks as though baby has four legs and three arms.

Once baby’s four limbs are secured into their baby-grow spacesuit, the dreaded poppers follow. For this particular baby-grow spacesuit design, the poppers are not an issue as they run straight down the middle of the baby grow and cause minimal fuss.

I will explain in a minute in more detail how poppers on other designs can break you as a daddy.

Baby is now ready for her mission to the cot.

Type 2: The, “Looks-simple-but-isn’t” type. This involves some of the same stresses as the previous one but with many more poppers. It starts to get infuriating when you realise the popper design means the poppers decide to stray from the centre of baby’s body and begin drifting toward a leg. This requires some advanced mathematics in getting your angles correct otherwise you could end up with a baby who looks like they have been dressed by another baby.

Poppers are not going to beat you. They now become your number one enemy. Time is still of the essence as baby is still attempting to wriggle free. The first popper is secure, followed by the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth.

Baby is still wriggling and attempting to grab the dirty nappy bag.

You secure the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth popper. You feel good about yourself because you are so near to fully securing baby to baby-grow spacesuit.

To your shock, you spot a lonely popper. It is sitting there all cocky; it has been sitting waiting patiently for you to get to this moment. It is basically laughing at you. There doesn’t appear to be enough holes for the poppers. Why would they make a design like that? They don’t.

You quickly look around the baby-grow spacesuit and fail to see an available hole for the popper nearby. A quick scan near the baby’s chest area reveals that you missed one, approximately 14 poppers previous.


Here you are, a fully grown adult male human and you are struggling with some glorified buttons. Get a grip.

You are suddenly left with an ultimatum: leave the lonely popper as it is or start the popper process from scratch. You opt for the later. They will not win.

Off they go.

Screaming can be heard as far away as the next town over.

Baby is now fully secure.

Message to NASA and Mothercare: Make the baby-grows simple please. The world will be a lot quieter and stress-free. Sort out the popper placements or provide all baby-grows with a protractor and pencil.

I swear babies must be in on this and are totally aware – it is as if they laugh at daddies or mummies complete inept ability at dressing them efficiently. They could probably dress themselves but parents have not allowed babies to evolve. They simply wait, and then enjoy watching parents stress out.

I believe the human race could be a much better species if we simply allow baby’s to dress themselves. Think of how far we could go: By the time they reach 3, they could cook your Sunday roast.

Either way, the complexity of these baby-grow spacesuits are more suitable for NASA Astronauts.

Future Mars Mission Suits
Future Mars Mission Suits