“Right, are you listening? Here’s her outfit for the day; I’ll put it over there at the end of the bed”. Mummy explains to daddy before she heads off to work as he lies there half asleep on his day off.

Mummy heads off to work, head held high knowing that her baby will be dressed beautifully for another day. Daddy falls back to sleep, knackered from a relatively sleepless night. He didn’t hear mummy say a single word with regards to baby’s outfit.

Daddy wakes up.

He serves breakfast for himself and baby and then heads back upstairs to dress baby. This is where it goes downhill for daddy. He knows mummy mumbled something to him before she went to work. He knows it would’ve been outfit-related but has not got the slightest idea what she said. Daddy gazes around the room and sees approximately 10-15 separate piles of clothes dotted around the room. Daddy panics.

Which outfit is he supposed to put on baby? Could it be the one on top of the stairs next to the damp towel? Could it be the one inside the cot? Could it be the one hanging over the bannister? Could it be the one next to the ironing pile? Could it have been placed accidently ON the ironing pile? Could it be the one under the bed? Could it be ON the bed? Could it still be hanging up? Daddy has not got a clue.

Daddy is also colour-blind.

Daddy also sometimes lacks common sense.

Daddy does not ring mummy to double check which outfit he is to dress baby in.

Daddy mixes these three mistakes and comes up with an educated guess. He knows he is colour-blind and knows of a rhyme mummy taught him in order he doesn’t colour clash his own clothes when getting himself dressed. “Blue and green should never be seen”. Or was it, “red and green should never be seen”? Or was it, “yellow and green should never be seen”?


Daddy doesn’t know the correct rhyme.

All of the piles of clothes have at least a green garment. Daddy is stuck. He guesses.

Daddy dresses baby and continues his well-deserved day off to spend some quality father-daughter time with baby.

Mummy returns home from work.

“Errh, what is she wearing?!!!”

The end.

Hiding her outfit this time
Hiding her outfit this time